Maker of fine quality Arcade video game machines
110 Banlat Road, Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Manila
0998 259 8638

Some of the things we do

Remember the days when they made things to last. No then you are not old enough.

So anyway thats what we do today

Why not have a brand new reproduction of one of old time classic machines from the 80s. Made to the highest quality using new original parts.

1978 - 1980 classic cocktail machines. We make these to the very hoghest standards. Good for life. All new partsNot one game game but 60

             Repairs and restorations to vinatge game machines and jukeboxes.                                                     Repairs and restorations to Classic Pinball machines,

Dont have space for a full sized classic upright arcade, well here we are mini versions. Made only to the very highest standards. All new

What about a table game or one for your bar.

The old standard stock units. Have one game f your choice or multi games 200m 300, 400, 510, 645 in one. All game over no hard drive. Just good for many years. 

(Smart) 0998 259 8638 

Land Line  794 1194

If you cant get though, just send your message via the contact us page

Please note all goods are subject to availability and price change

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