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Just Another Pandora's Box Multi Game PCB 

Pandora 3    525 in 1 Games

Pandora 4  645 in 1      Pandora 4S  680 games 

Pandora 4S+   815 in one HDMI

Can Work With RGB, CGA and VGA - Horizontal Games- Arcade Game Pcb

This truly is an amazing 520-in-1 Multigame JAMMA PCB.
Not just because of 520 games on a single JAMMA PC Board platform,
but they all play well too!
The sound quality for this type of multigame board is surprising very good.
Plus not to mention it is loaded with really great games with no hard drive to fail!


Also available   Pandora 111  2015.  520 games           
2016 Pandora 4 625 games      2017 4S 680 games

1.      This is a 2013 400 in 1 game pcb. 

2.     Horizontal display

3.     Can work with both CGA and VGA

4.     Stable

5.     Similar with Blue Elf 2009 Game pcb

6.     Requires up to 6 buttons per player to play all games.

7.     Good for all Arcade machines with Jamma connection

Includes   English manual
suitable for horizontal monitor:   LED or CRT
Pandora_ver.2_400_in_1.pdf Pandora_ver.2_400_in_1.pdf
Size : 50.06 Kb
Type : pdf
645in1.pdf 645in1.pdf
Size : 65.388 Kb
Type : pdf
Pandora Box 3 520in1 Game list.pdf Pandora Box 3 520in1 Game list.pdf
Size : 51.544 Kb
Type : pdf

Contact us for prices.  Can be fitted in your unit.

or we can supply

Complete with fully working used 21"/25" arcade type cabinet

Also available Flat top with/without LCD/LED

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