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110 Banlat Road, Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Manila
0998 259 8638
Operators. Ask for quantity discounts.
Arcade Game machine Micro Switches
Php 20 each
With bar for joysticks Php 22 each. (US$0.35c) Shipping extra
Cheaper White Colored Doors Php125 each (US$3.15)
Small Slot Doors Php 175  (US$4.25)  Small coin Door   Php 175 (US$4.25)
Large Slot Door 2 Slots  Php 200 (US$5)  Large Coin Door  Php 200 (US$5)
Shipping extra
Arcade Game Machine Buttons Available Red, Green.
Blue and Yellow       Php 15 (US$0.25) each. Shipping Extra

    Arcade Game machine Switching          Power Supply  110/220 volts in.  +5 volt 15amp, - 5 volt 1amp, 12 volt 2.5amp  2 x ground volts out. Php 495   Weiya Php 995  ($US19.50)  complete with mains lead     Used Php 450 (US$$9.20)                 Shipping extra

Arcade Game Machine coin slot with alarm, reject bar. Can be set to any coin with a sample.   Crown Php 995 ea (US$9.50)  CPU Php 725

Used  with reject bar Php 350 (US$ 5.55)     Shippping extra

Picture Tubes Used

21", 25 " 29"  Crt good for Arcade Game machines

Complete with Yoke.  available small or standard neck.  POR

Also we can offer Picture Tube Rejuvenation service good for 75% of all picture tubes. Ask for details

Manual coin slot Can be set to accept   P1 or P5 coins.  P850 (US$18)

On\Off Switch with neon Php 25 each
  Shipping extra

Jamma harness good for 6 buttons two players.
Best quality push on connectors with covers
P595 (US$10) Shipping extra
Chassis for Arcade game Machines
14" - 21"    New Php  1,250 Used Php 750   
25" - 29"  Used Php 900  (US$15)
25" -29"  New Php 1,875 (US$47)
Shipping extra
Arcade Game Machine Amplifiers 
9 - 12 volt DC
For stereo get 2 amps one for left one for right
Php 125 (US$2) each shipping extra

Arcade Game Machine Cam Locks.  With key and fittings.                    Good for slot/coin/back doors      Php 95 (US$1.85) each         shipping extra

Arcade Game Machine counter.    12 volt DC                                                  Will record number of coins inserted into slot.  Php 150 (US$3.20) each                    Shipping extra

Used Mains Transformers  220volt to 110 volt   step down.  Good for 110 Volt arcade machine chassis. Php 395  (US$8)  Panther true 125 watt Php 500

Arcade Game Machine Loud Speakers.  4 "  5 watts. 4 ohms Only Php 45  (US$0.95c) each. Shipping extra

    Long Screw for panel,    
Php 35 ea  (US0.90c)
Shipping extra

We are now selling yokes for 14"-25" sizes Large and small necks correct impedance for arcade game chassis Only Php 695 each  All thoroughly tested and working good. Shipping extra

28 x 2 pin Jamma connectors
Php 60 (US$1.50)
Also 22 x 2 @ Php 45 (US $1.15)
and 18 x 2  @ Php 40 (US$1)

Other Arcade Game Machine Parts available,

Timers, Plastic Panels,


 Mains Lead,    

Wire, Clips, Wheels,

Aluminum strips, floor mats, Plastic Sign.

RGB Leads,Yoke lead, Coin Slot leads.

Arcade Game Machine Electric Fans.
12 volt Php 95 (US$3.45)      110volt-220volt Php190 (US$3.15-4,75) Shipping extra

Arcade Game Machine                 Plastic coin slot..                              No sample or alarm                  Php 75 (US$2)                                 Case only Php 50   PCB P45                    Shipping extra

Arcade Game Machine.                Joysticks. Available       Red  colored knobs. Complete with micro switches  (8) 2 pieces joystick,  2 sets of bushes and bezels.  Php 495  (US$10)            Single Php 300              Shipping extra

FEET FOR PCB Boards Such as arcade game boards and the like         Pack includes 4 strong plastic feet and 4 high    quality brass screws        Php 75  (US$1.95) for 4   Can ship anywhere (Extra).

Sanwa Joysticks and Buttons

Joysticks Php 1500  ea     Buttons 180 ea

High quality copies of joystick Php 795

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