Maker of fine quality Arcade video game machines
110 Banlat Road, Tandang Sora, Quezon City, Manila
0998 259 8638
SIZE                 Height 60”
                          Depth 25”
                          Width 31”
PHASER     :      Solid state amplifier
STEREO     :    25 rms watts per channel
SPEAKER   :      Tweeters x 2  (2 ½”)
                          Mid-range x 2  (6 ½”)
                                                         2  Sub-woofer extra 
External Volume control
Twin Core AMD 3gb processor, Ram 2gb, 3 ½  SATA2 HD 500gb
Sound card HD creative labs, Mother board ASUS,
AVR, 15” LCD Touch screen.
200 songs included (add your own cds or we can add opt extra)
Lighting 6 random color change lamps
One sound activated LED 
Interior light
2 Cooling Fans
6 LEDs Right & Left side
Auxiliary lights
Heavy duty 3 meter mains lead & outlet
On & Off switch
Credit switch (coin slot extra / optional)
Software (Album player)
*Due to availability, all specs are subject to change during Production.
Delivery time  :  60 Days
3 years warranty on Labor
Parts warranty @ maker’s time
Shipping and or crating not included
TERMS :   50% deposit upon ordering
  Balance payable upon collection or before delivery
*Note to overseas buyers – No tax here, please check with your
Customs, for any charges in your country. 60 days shipping

Reproduction jukebox of the 1940/50s Wurlitzer Rockola

Made in the USA

Can hold 1000s of songs

Full high quality sound 25 watts RMS per channel

Color change lights, Touch Screen. Western High quality Finish.

Php 120,000      US$2,350

110 Arcade Games sole distributer

Contact me for details

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